What do you buy a culture lover like myself for a gift?

As somebody who travels the world looking for culture, my friends often ask me what ‘somebody like me’ would like as a gift for certain occasions. I never did get the ‘like me’ part of that statement, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to realise what they mean.

I do not appreciate a lot of gifts that other men my age appreciate. Things like clothes and aftershave aren’t really my thing. And although I’m a great lover of good music, the chances are that most people are not going to have the knowledge to get me the kind of obscure music I like.

So what does someone like me like as a gift? Paradoxically, it’s not the obvious stuff, but the obvious stuff. There are two things I am always very pleased to receive; books and Rum.

People worry about buying me books because they think it’s difficult to select a title that I will appreciate, but the great thing about books, is that they’re worth reading even if you don’t like them. As long as they’re teaching me new things, then I will appreciate it. Of course, I don’t mean go out and by 50 Shades of Grey, but anything in this section would suit me grandly.

And as far as rum goes, as long as it’s not Baccardi, then I’m sure to love it. Any of these great rum gifts would certainly be appreciated.

So I hope that clears it up for the future, and friends do not have to ask me every occasion what I’d like.




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